Made a new friend at work today.

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"I’m history! No, I’m mythology! Nah, I don’t care what I am I’m free!" -Genie

I keep wishing this isn’t true, that someone got their facts wrong or it’s a trick. But it’a not.. Thank you for giving a Mrs. Doubtfire her warmth, a genie his heart, a boy flight, and for making the lives of all of us who loved you so much brighter. Genie, you’re free… #riprobinwilliams

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National Geographic's June issue cover story is called ”Hero Dogs, A Soldier's Best Friend.” Layka, the proud dog featured on the cover, was recently recognized by an Air Force unit for her heroics in Afghanistan. The 3-year-old Belgian Malinois was dispatched to inspect a building for explosives and search for enemy combatants. She was ambushed, receiving several gunshot wounds to the abdomen and right front leg. Despite being gravely wounded, she protected the lives of her team by attacking and subduing the assailant. Luckily, Layka survived, but her injuries were so severe that doctors had to amputate one of her legs.

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Postcards from before the opening of Disney World. They often had a “Florida” flag on the Disney World logo to differentiate them from California’s Disneyland. Also a postcard with the never-built Western River Expedition. Via WDW In Postcards. More vintage Disney

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It was a pool party and a puppy kinda day. @kmgreen7733

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Roses + sunflowers + wildflowers = a very happy anniversary.

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Rainy days are always better under a @lillypulitzer umbrella. #tomboftheunknown#anc

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In the pink cha-cha-Chatham takes on the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS! 💕🌴💦

Omg this is so great

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